President Obama to appear on Mythbusters!

Straight from the White House…

At the White House today, President Obama hosted the White House Science Fair celebrating the winners of a broad range of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) competitions. During his remarks, President Obama announced his participation in an upcoming episode of Discovery Channel’s popular series, MYTHBUSTERS.

But that’s not all! Discovery Education has plans to get the episode into STEM Connect and DE Science as soon as humanly possible after the episode airs! That means your students can watch it at home, and you can make use of it in the classroom shortly after.

“The MythBusters have the unique ability to bring complex scientific ideas to life in a manner that is both educational and entertaining,” said Bill Goodwyn, CEO of Discovery Education. “By making this special episode of the MythBusters available in classrooms nationwide, Discovery Education continues to respond to the call from the Obama administration to improve student achievement in science education.”

The episode will air on December 8th, but don’t worry… we’ll post a reminder or two before then! In the meantime, everybody has a favorite episode of the Mythbusters, what’s yours?


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  1. Abby Bookhultz said:

    Steve, thanks so much for the heads up and information. Just it with our science teachers by posting it on our Elementary Science Google Site’s “Announcements and In the News.”

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