Why I “Like” Facebook

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For some, Facebook is a place to post what you did during your weekend, share cool videos you found on YouTube, give your thoughts on the  weeks hot topics and a place post pictures of your weekly outings, friends and family. I am guilty of all of these things – most recently the latter, having just had a baby who I love to show off.  I have however, shifted what I primarily use Facebook for, and oddly enough it is directly related to my daughter. As a teacher, I used summers to take classes and attend workshops to keep my brain from turning to mush. Last summer I was lucky enough to attend DENNI (Discovery Education National Institute) in San Francisco. I met awesome Discovery Educators and learned something from each of them. This summer, I had a baby, and although it has been quite a learning experience, I wasn’t able to take classes or attend any workshops – except for the virtual kind – thank goodness for DE and their great webinars (click here for a list) and virtual conferences  (click here for the Tech or Treat schedule) – my brain hasn’t gone to mush. I spent much of my summer living vicariously through my friends while they attended the Summer Institute (check out their cool resources here) by viewing their Facebook status updates.


My Discovery Education Friends aren’t the only thing that I like on Facebook – Next time you are on Facebook, check out some of my favorite pages:


den.jpg Discovery Educator Network


cr.jpg  Discovery Education Classroom Resources

sa.jpg  Discovery Student Adventures


3m.jpg   Discovery Education / 3M – Young Scientist Challenge.

fvl.jpg Fable Vision Learning

stem.jpg  Siemen’s STEM Academy

glog.jpg  Glogster EDU  


 edmodo.jpg  Edmodo 


cc.jpg  Common Craft


And Just for Fun –

bbb.jpg Bilbo Boudin Baggett


I am sure you’ll learn something new from each of these pages. If you are looking for a Discovery Education Friend – look me up…hopefully I’ll be able to share something that you’ll “Like” (other than some really cute baby pictures.)


What do you “like” on Facebook?




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  1. Gina Chocallo said:

    Although Facebook may be controversial, I feel that it has been very important and helpful for me. It can be controversial because sometimes it gets a bad reputation for only being for social or game playing purposes (pictures, status updates, etc), but we can see it as much more. I have been able to stay connected to people I met in college and while traveling, professors, teachers and administration from a previous school I taught at, etc. There are so many ways to communicate using Facebook such as live chat or leaving messages. You also make a great point about “liking” pages. This is a way to share information that we may not have the opportunity to find on our own time.

  2. Shelly said:

    There are so many reason why I like Facebook and I did enjoy reading about your ties to the site. I was shocked to learn that Glogster EDU, DEN, and Edmodo had pages on Facebook. I feel like I’m not getting the most out of my online time. I have to run and add a few more pages to my very own Facebook profile:) Thanks for the new info and I enjoyed reading your blog. Keep posting:)

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