New STARs Over Texas

Texas might be known as the Lone Star State, but within the DEN it is the Many STAR State. We currently have 296 STARs and that number is increasing all the time. In fact since July 16th, we have had 32 people apply and become STARs. We would like to welcome them and will be highlighting them in the upcoming months.

Remember all of the additional benefits of being a STAR Discovery Educator:
Welcome Kit from the Discovery Educator Network
Access to training kits to use during PD sessions and workshops
Weekly communication highlighting events and promotions for STARs
Exclusive promotions and contests
Access to Discovery Communications events
Opportunity to attend local, regional, and sate-level DEN events
Opportunity to attend nation DEN events
Eligible to become a DEN Leadership Council member


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  1. Kass Bates said:

    We are going to promote the Texas DEN STARS at the virtual conference this Saturday Oct. 23rd, which will be held in McKinney on my campus, Minshew Elementary.

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