We’re watching you, too…Mr. Dembo

Anyone who has been part of the DEN for even a second knows how talented, collaborative and creative Steve Dembo, our Director of the Online Community and Social Media Strategy, really is.  He is a thought leader in education – Teach42.  He is a Wizard of Web 2.0.  And now he is one of the NSBA Technology Leadership Network’s Twenty to Watch.

Congratulations, Steve.  We’ve been watching your wizardry for a while now and are proud to have you leading the DEN!



  1. TechyNana said:

    Simply one more reason why DEN is the best; we have tge best of the best! Congratulations on your newest accolade, Steve. Well deserved.

  2. nsharoff said:

    We’ve got our [eyes] on you! Congrats & well deserved!

  3. Teryl Magee said:

    Congrats again, Steve! Next time I see you I\’ll teach you the secret handshake. 😉


  4. Dave Arnold said:

    Hey Steve,

    I was searching through the blogs via a requirement for another class and came across this blog. Not surprised at all though from working with you in Internet Tools for Teaching. Congratulations and keep up the good work!

  5. Lori Baxter said:

    Wow! Congrats, Steve! It is well deserved. I truly learned a lot from you in class!

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