Tech or Treat 2010: Costume Contest Finalists!

Considering the creativity on display Saturday, it was extremely difficult to narrow it down to ten finalists. However, with three Flip cams at stake, that’s just what we had to do! Review all ten finalists, and then use the polling widget below to cast your vote! Voting will be open until Friday morning, and the winners will be announced in the DEN newsletter Friday afternoon.

Without further ado, here are the ten Tech or Treat Costume Contest finalists!

Finalist #1 Chef Discovery
Chef Discovery - All the Ingredients You need for 21st Century Learning!

Finalist #2 My PLC
The DEN is my PLC!

Finalist #3 The DEN Community
The DEN Community

Finalist #4 iPad

Finalist #5 Thing 2
Thing 2

Finalist #6 Dirty Jobs
Dirty Jobs

Finalist #7 Harry Potter
Harry Potter

Finalist #8 A Glog
A Glog

Finalist #9 Cell Phone
Cell Phone

Finalist #10 Animal Planet
Animal Planet


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  1. Lindsay H said:

    Such great costumes and creativity! It is so hard to choose!

  2. Neene said:

    Proud to be nominated as a finalist. Good luck to everyone. Respectfully not voting since I’m up there. lol

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