4. Discovery Streaming and…

Special Education

Having taught special education for some years, this is still an area close to my teacher heart.  Some ways to use Discovery to help this special set of students:

> Closed captioning videos can provide a visual – auditory link to help with reading, whether for general reading or for specific content areas.  Follow this path to get help on this : Help > DE streaming > How To > Add closed captioning to any video.  Remember also that using the advanced search will allow you to search only closed caption items by checkmarking the appropriate box.

> Create reinforcement/review/reteach lessons using the Assignment Builder in My Builder Tools.  Then…

> Add these assignments to a sub-population of your classroom creating a special class for them in the My Classrooms tool.   Using these two tools together will allow you to modify assignments more privately.

> A further modifying tool is the Quiz Builder also found in My Builder Tools.  Create modified quizzes quickly and easily by using the standard quiz as a starting point.  Then adjust number of items, wording of questions, etc to make the quiz appropriate for special ed. students.

> The Ready Zone: continuity of learning resources in the Teacher Center can also be used by helping fill in the learning gaps these students often have.


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  1. Dave Arnold said:


    Thanks for the information on different tools available to help students with special needs when showing a DE video. I have two students in my class this year who have severe hearing problems, and having the ability to used closed captioning with certainly allow me to better serve those students.

    Thanks for the post!


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