A STAR is Born in Maryland!

A new feature of our Maryland LC Blog is to recognize the STARs who have recently joined within our state.  So, welcome to all the new STARs for the months of September and October:

Laurie Levitt

Tracy Carpenter

Samantha O’Gwin

Jaclyn Friedlander

Joy Long

Tameka Woodruff

One of our new STARs was randomly chosen for an interview, and she is…drum roll please…

Tracy Carpenter!
Tracy Carpenter

I recently interviewed Tracy and here is what she had to say:

1. Tell us about your teaching assignment.  In what school, and what grade/subject do you teach?  What do you love about your school?

This is my tenth year teaching technology at Resurrection-St. Paul School in Ellicott City, MD.  Currently, I teach grades K-8.  There are so, so many aspects of my job that I adore.  Mostly, I love that I have the opportunity to see my students learn and grow, year after year.  For example, I have taught my current 8th graders twice a week, for seven years!

2. What are some ways you integrate technology into your teaching?
That’s an easy one!  Every lesson I create and teach includes a digital tool or resource.  My current favorite tools are VoiceThread, PBWiki, Animoto and Google Apps for Education.  I think it’s important to frequently change up tools and resources so that students have an opportunity to work in different environments.

3. How do you use Discovery Education products to enhance your teaching?

My school subscribed to Discovery Education at the end of last school year, and it instantly changed the way our faculty uses digital media.  In my classroom, many assignments integrate other subject ares.  Often times, I open a class with a short video segment reviewing/refreshing the concept or skill from the assignment’s core curriculum area.    Looking ahead, I am excited to use all the digital media resources in Discovery Education for digital storytelling projects – perhaps for the storytelling contest posted on Discovery’s TheHub.

4. What are some things you would like to learn more about in regards to technology and teaching?

I would like to learn more about integrating technology with PBL.  I feel that my most successful lessons are the ones that offer students opportunities to manage and assess their own learning.  Combining PBL with digital tools and resources that promote collaboration and idea sharing is a no-brainer.  It’s just finding the time to put it all together!

Thanks, Tracy!  We are proud to have you as a member of the Maryland DEN.

Stay tuned next month to meet yet another new STAR in Maryland!



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