DEN Fall Virtual Conference in Branson

DEN Virtual Fall Conference, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri

Good food at the Fall Virtual ConferenceGreetings! The leadership councils from three states arranged the MOARKS Regional Gathering for Discovery Education’s Fall Virtual Conference 2010 in beautiful Branson, Missouri on Saturday, Oct. 23. A group of about 20 of us met at the lovely campus of Branson’s West Elementary, where we had a large set up of the virtual conference as well as live sessions. We started with a lovely breakfast of fresh fruit, muffins, and cinnamon rolls that give Cinnabon a run for their money. We jumped into the online conference after it had begun (we didn’t want to start at 8 a.m. on a Saturday!) since we are an hour behind our East Coastie friends. We’ll catch that first session when it’s archived! Our MOARKS group set up a wiki where we’ve posted some resources as well: DEN Edmodo group (Use #Area51 hashtag) be sure to join the group; our Edmodo page for sharing is Below are some highlights from the day (for more detailed descriptions of these events, check out Margie Rogers’ blog at: Kim Adair’s Mini presentation about green screening http://storiescomealive.wikispaces.comKim shared some strategies for setting up green screen editing on both Macs and PC’s. I was thrilled to see just how easy it is to do by just clicking that little Show Advanced Tools button in iMovie’s preferences! I am SO going to try this at home (and at school, and probably here tonight in my hotel room!!!). Resources for today: #Area 51Photos from the costume contest can be found this week for your favorite costume! I am personally campaigning to be chosen as “best Halloween use of our new DEN LC shirts” since my vest included the lovely khaki color and looked great with the shirt (thanks, Lance! You rock!) Porter Palmer—Why Publish Student WorkHere’s the link to her presentation on Livebinder (lovely little tabs!) Grades discourage kids’ risk-taking to a certain extent, but publishing helps get them to do their best work. Rita Mortenson from Wisconsin shared a list of web 2.0 sites on pdfCool idea I’m gonna steal—sharing a new web 2.0 site every two weeks, and challenge teachers to use them! Way cool! She gives prizes to teachers for trying new tools if they show evidence of what they’ve done.Link to her pdf’s: suggested meeting live to share—I’m loving this! Word clouds for K-2 Next up is Whitney who’s at 1 DP presenting Digital Storytelling in a Web 2.0 World http://hubforteachers.comDiscovery site for teachers to use to teach digital storytelling—wonderful collection of resources! writing ideas has some storytelling resources as well Whitney just shared Blabberize’s new video download feature and is on to PhotoPeach, a new one for me. I love Animoto, and just got my educator account (it did take me a couple of tries to get it put through, but it’s worth the work!). Cool note—our own Lance Rougeaux is going to be a part of the Polar Bear Expedition! Woo HOO for our DEN leader! link to archive of today List of upcoming webinars by DE Erin Misegadis from Kansas shared a video on using DE content in Wiki spaces is attempting to go completely paperless in her classroomLink directly to the wiki - Mike B. is not feeling the love—he’s presenting Builders, up against Hall Davidson who’s virtually for the next hour. ; ) Sorry Mike, this is Hall, after all, and we are all groupies! We do love you, too, Mike! THE Hall Davidson Hall’s presentation linkAlso handouts on Discovery Speakers Bureau site, click on Hall, then go to Handouts link on the right I sent Hall a video of our MOARKS gathering for his collection: Amy Cordova made one, too; hers will be in our MOARKS wiki. Tally from Cali just jumped in to share how to use PhotoStory and DE Streaming Kyle Schutt’s Wikispaces page Cindy Lane’s Google Earth presentation via Skype(I missed the iPad demo in the last virtual con session—will go back and get that later in the archive) I always learn the coolest stuff from Cindy! She showed us how to dive below the ocean’s surface, where to look for cool Google Earth lessons and tools, and how to embed video and overlay pictures into a GE tour. Our day ended with Doug Mann’s overview of the new Theme section on DE, MediaShare resources, and a chance to play a bit with some of the tools we learned about today. Mike also mentioned that Flash video is available for many of the videos (just have to call Discovery and have them add it to your account), which is great for Smart Notebooks or other whiteboards. It’s all about the sharing. And the food. The sharing and the food. And the friendships. I always learn so much from and with my techie friends. This is why I love the DEN!!!! Welcome to the DEN Virtual Conference in Branso, MO

We Enjoyed all of the fantastic DEN presentations


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