Science of Everyday Life

Science of Everyday Life provides teachers, parents and students with a fun and interactive platform to explore the surprising and important role that science plays in our daily lives.

Through 3M’s power of innovation and Discovery Education’s engaging digital content and curricula, Science of Everyday Life introduces a new opportunity for fun and creative learning with family activities and interactive tools designed to encourage exploration and engagement with the science that is part of the most relevant “laboratories” in our world – our homes, classrooms and communities.

Science of Everyday Life provides content to empower teachers and engage families and students including:

  • An “Innovation Headquarters” showcasing innovations from yesterday to today through brain teasers, virtual labs and an interactive timeline.
  • Unique inquiry-based lessons, aligned to national standards, addressing key areas of science and the technology and innovation behind them.
  • School-to-home family activities encouraging students to discover the real-world science around them and make connections to what they are learning in school.

In addition, educators can interact with colleagues on the Science of Every Day Life blog and enter a monthly sweepstakes for a chance to win an assortment of innovative products and school supplies from 3M.

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