FCAT — State Testing

How many states use a specific test for the standards that are used in your curriculum?  How many are still using them?  Are you doing those tests online or paper-pencil?

In FL, we have a state testing called the FCAT… Florida Comprehensive Achievement Test.  Testing is completed in Math, Reading, and Science.

Starting this year, Reading and Math will be online testing and Science will be removed from the state testing.

Soon, math and reading will be removed and no longer tested statewide…

What will replace those??  EOY exams….

What does that mean?  End – of – Year Exams.  Algebra 1 is already happening this year.  All new 9th graders have to take both of the ‘tests’.

How is your state doing Standardized testing?


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  2. Tim Childers said:

    In TN we use the TCAP. It was revamped last year to be more rigorous in its testing requirements and scoring guidelines. As a result, our school went from around 90% proficient or advanced in Math and Reading to less than 40%. Currently, we test in Math, Reading/Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies. We use this test in 4th through 8th grade. Our high schools now have TEN End of Course exams that must be passed to receive a diploma.

  3. Benjamin Belden said:

    South Carolina has what is called the PASS or Palmetto Assessment of State Standards. Similar to what Tim mentioned, a couple of years ago the old test (PACT) was revamped. The only real change from my standpoint was that the language arts portion added a separate writing section which is done earlier in the year and scored separately and that they went from five categories of proficiency to three. This meant that at least initially schools looked better because where there were previously two categories below met and two above, now there is only one of each which gives larger percentages. Students are tested in grades 3-8 in language arts and math and randomly take either social studies or science although some grade levels take both science and social studies.

  4. Sue Hannan said:

    Wow! I hadn’t heard that Science was being removed and we were now going to do online testing for math and reading. Is this for all grade level or just high school?

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