Same Campus + Real Time = Prezi Meeting

Real time collaboration

Nothing beats opening your email to find a whole new way of collaborating. Whether your students are engaged in Project or Challenge-Based Learning, or you want to collaborate locally or globally, Prezi Meeting just made learning better. For web-based presentations, Prezi Meeting reinvented desktop sharing. Up to 10 people can work together on the same Prezi in real time on the same campus. Take a look at Prezi Meeting, landing on your laptop this autumn. And if you’re hoping for Prezi Meeting on your iPad, tell the folks at Prezi how you would use it here.

Prezi Guru

Like so many good things I have learned from Discovery Education, I discovered Prezi from Steve Dembo. I remember he used it at the first DEN Virtual Conference, and he wowed us with his signature creativity and cutting-edge technology. Soon Steve and I can collaborate with 8 other people on a web-based presentation in real time, and wouldn’t that be a neat webinar, EdTechConnect, or conference presentation. The opportunities for implementation for web-based Prezis in real time in–and out–of the classroom are endless. If you want to retool your notion student collaboration, you won’t have to wait long for Prezi Meeting. And you can use communication tools like Skype, Discovery Builders, DiscoveryStreaming and images–all the cool DE tools–with Prezi Meeting. Nice.

Here’s your step-by-step tutorial.

From the folks at Prezi:

•Open a prezi to edit
•Click “Meeting” from the menu bar in the upper right corner of the screenNow you have two options:
1.Select “Invite to edit” to generate a link that you can send to anyone. When your invited collaborators open the link, you will see their avatars. Text, images, and videos added to the prezi are visible to everyone, giving remote team members the sensation of being in the same creative space together. (When you are invited to co-edit a prezi you will enter the Prezi Meeting in Show mode upon clicking the link. To start co-editing the prezi, switch to Edit mode).
2.Select “Start online presentation” to generate a link that you can send to anyone. When recipients open this link, they can watch as you present, but will not be able to edit the prezi. This link expires 10 minutes after you have closed the prezi and finished the session.

Here’s how to navigate in Prezi Meeting:
1.To follow an avatar: click an avatar and select “Take a look”
2.To give a collaborator control of the prezi (you are currently the presenter): click on the avatar and select “Hand over presentation”
3.To navigate on your own: click on the avatar and select “Explore freely”
To add an extra dimension to the co-editing process, you can use communications tools such as Skype.

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  2. Beth O'Connor said:

    I enjoyed your introduction to this new Prezi feature. It is clearly a powerful addition to an already excellent tool. I can see how it can be used to foster collaboration amongst both students and teachers. I look forward to taking advantage of it soon.

  3. Pat Engleman said:

    This is a great tool that will facilitate my students sharing and using their prezis more often. One of the best parts of that whole post is the link to give them feedback on the iPad prezi. I can not wait!

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