Hall Davidson Visits Verona, WI

What could top off a weekend where the Packers beat New York and Trick or Treaters enjoy a beautiful fall evening? One thing to top that off would be a Monday staff development day featuring technology integration with Hall Davidson. Hall Davidson, Director of the Discovery Educator Network, has spoken about technology and education to audiences around the world. Verona Area School District, with the assistance of a grant from EPIC was fortunate to have him speak to nearly 600 VASD staff members. He not only spoke once, but he gave three incredible presentations that  inspired and enlightened VASD staff.

The day began with an opening presentation titled Using Technology To Create New Knowledge.  In this presentation Hall talked about how jobs, global problems, and communication will be intertwined with the creation of both knowledge and content. The ability to look at and analyze what is newly created will become a 21st Century skill. Originally created as a strategy for teachers of the gifted, this approach applies to all learners and gives a new perspective on what to do with all those digital tools. You know the “why”—here are the “hows”. A variety of ideas from all different curricular areas and ages were shown.

The second session was titled The Teacher with a Thousand Brains. The “stand alone” method of teaching is fading and being replaced by a model that taps colleagues, content, experts, and communication from both around the world and across the hall. Collaborative projects with ‘real time’ elements take boldness and planning, but building 21st Century Learners into 21st Century citizens makes it worthwhile.

The third and final presentation was titled Ten Things You Never Thought About Trying – and Two You Did. The overall presentation was about communication in real time both with the ends of the earth and the community down the street whose expertise has been untapped. Beyond the “wow,” technology provides nearly limitless potential for connectivity and education.


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