Always On

We’ve all said terrible things about TV. Bruce Springsteen even wrote a song about his 57 channels with nothing on.

But despite the subscription fees, the inevitable price hikes, occasional loss of service, and some mind numbing content, the real problem with TV is, well…,  you need a TV.

Until last week.

If you want TV on, say, your iPhone or iPad, go to and just watch in your browser. This is real network TV: ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX. And it’s completely free.  FilmOn rebroadcasts the stations from LA. so watch your time zone.

Over WiFi the video is very good and on your Desktop computer you get HD, more channels, and a TV guide, after you download the free FilmOn viewer app.

Check it out, but you better look soon because these guys are in a serious legal battle with the networks, which might be another reason we all say such terrible things about TV. Watch out for those 2 porn channels at the bottom (sorry – had to warn you). Now if only I could get that Discovery Channel to show up.

Stay tuned.


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