There’s an App for that…

In last couple of weeks I have been looking for good Apps to use in my classroom. With the help of some awesome people in my district here are some of the ones I found:

Talking Tom is a silly cat that repeats what you say with a funny voice and responds to your touch. This has been great for my ELL students because they can practice their pronunciation. He can also be useful when using Blabberize so you can have some fun with the voice.

Dragon Dictation allows you to speak and instantly see your text. You can dictate short messages as well as longer e-mails, so your students could send you messages. It is an excellent tool for kids just learning to write as well as older kids to record ideas and notes while working. The best part is that it recognizes several foreign languages including Spanish

Math Bumpies offers three different levels of fun math practice that kids love.

PocketZoo is a portable zoo with animal facts, animal sounds, videos and live cam shots from actual zoos. Children will love learning about animals with this app.

Chicktionary works the same way as the internet game does. You get several hens with letters and students have to spell as many words as they can, using those letters.

SpellBoard allows you to enter your spelling list in any language for your students to practice and/or get quizzed. You can also share lists with other users. So if there are other teachers using the same spelling list, only one person has to upload it. It also allows you to create several student profiles so you can track individual students’ progress.

But my new favorite is is because it lets you and your students create ebooks on your computer and then transfer them to your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch for free. I hope you and your students enjoy it as much as I do.



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  2. Scott Meech said:

    The open session at Techforum was very enjoyable. I hope to hear more from you on your thoughts about good educational apps. Don’t forget, you can publish straight to epub from Apple’s Pages as well.

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