SOL Integration: Virginia Studies


Last weekend I had the opportunity to visit beautiful Charlottesville, VA for the first time since moving to Virginia five years ago. While there I got to visit Thomas Jefferson’s gorgeous home Monticello. Being at Monticello inspired me to come up with a new type of blog post. Once a month I will share resources that connect directly to Virginia SOL’s. This month’s connection, inspired by my visit to Monticello, is Virginia Studies. Please enjoy the following resources and please share your own resources with us.

  • New Jamestown iPad app – “Victory Productions presents an interactive textbook exploration of the early days of the Jamestown settlement and the state of Virginia. Enjoy the rich interactive graphics and the engrossing story of a key moment in the history of the United States.”
  • Visit Discovery Streaming and use the curriculum standards search to find resources the directly correlate with Virginia Studies. Use the assignment builder to build an assignment that includes a writing prompt, video and quiz. All which can be found in the My Builder Tools section of DE Streaming.
  • The Rockingham Public Schools SOL Integration site has many wonderful resources. Search by grade level and standard and view PowerPoints, Kidspiration activities, SMART Lessons, Assessments and more DE resources.
  • The Monticello website has many resources and activities that can be used. Check out the Plantation and Slavery section for some neat primary sources.
  • Virginia Studies Ready Resources “The Virginia Studies Web site is a resource designed to assist teachers in implementing the Virginia Studies History and Social Science Standards of Learning. This Web site provides a collection of meaningful and engaging activities correlated to the skills, history, geography, economics, and civics strands of the Virginia Studies History and Social Science Standards of Learning. “
  • New Discovery iPad platform. View the video below to learn more about the iPad platform.

If you have any more resources please share them with us.


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