B.I.G. Project – Using Social Media to Engage Students

An innovative use of social media tools to engage students and expand their understanding of our world through other cultures was brought to life by Adam Goldberg, Assistant Principal of Westford Academy during the MassCue Conference.  Adam used social networking tools such as Facebook and free collaboration tools such as SKYPE to bring together two classrooms…almost a world apart.  Through his B.I.G. (Bridging International Gaps) Project, Adam brought together a classroom of high school students from Westford Academy and students from a school in Mumbai, India.  Adam set up a Facebook page for his project, with security settings at their highest, and a group page only for students to post answers or questions relating to his topics of discussion.   Through SKYPE sessions that occurred for students at Westford Academy at 9:30 p.m. EST, and for India students at 7:00 a.m. EST, both groups were able to introduce themselves, ask questions about culture, hear language differences, and communicate in a collaborative setting.   The enthusiasm of the students was apparent in the short videos shown during this informative session.