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I am sure that NONE of you work in a school where field trips are occurring less and less. I can’t imagine that you are facing a budget crunch where guest speakers have become non-existent. There’s no way that you are faced with having to be creative with the resources you have in order to address science and technology skills with minimal funding. What? You are. This sounds familiar to you, too?

In that case, be sure to check out Field Trip Earth. Field Trip Earth is an amazing resource for educators, students and supporters of wildlife conservation. They have a series of field trips, where you and your students can investigate a variety of projects in which FTE is involved.  You can also use the site to interview a field researcher using the tips and resources provided by FTE. In the Educator Resource section, you will find a myriad of resources for teaching and learning about wildlife conservation and research. Did I mention that all of this is free?

But wait, there’s more.

My favorite thing about Field Trip Earth is that they offer free classroom Skype sessions, where their researchers and scientists will provide a workshop for your students via Skype. The FTE staff will coordinate a time and topic with you, based on your educational objectives, and send you a presentation from which to work. Your job is to have 2 projectors and at least one computer hooked up with Skype. One projector shows the presentation materials sent by FTE, while the other shows the Skype session to the students. Mark McAllister, from the FTE offices, spent a great hour with my students talking about how scientists use technology in wildlife conservation and tracking, particularly with the Red Wolves of Eastern North Carolina. He had a well-organized, engaging presentation and students were able to ask questions.

So check out Field Trip Earth on Twitter, Skype and YouTube. Field trips aren’t just for buses anymore!


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