Critical Thinking in the Classroom – Teachers+Resources are the Key

In this age of information overload, I often bookmark articles I don’t have time to read. While doing a little computer housekeeping, I ran across a link to “A Dose of School Pride and Critical Thinking” from dated August 30, 2010. Having no recollection of why I bookmarked this site, I had to read on.

“Bing launched the REDU web site to expand and encourage the national conversation around the topic of education and foster venues offline and online where innovators and educators can bring out the issues, team up, and ultimately find solutions.” REDU worked with the NBC series, School Pride, which is an “extreme makeover” for schools series. What really hit home about the article
was the emphasis on great teaching and access to the best resources for students to learn. “Technology can be a game changer in education, but it works best in tandem with great teachers and teaching resources.” Isn’t that what Discovery Education and the DEN are all about?

The article provides links to resources that foster critical thinking including a downloadable Critical Thinking e-book, 21st Century Fluency (includes a digital fluency model), 21st Century Literacies: Information Literacy Curriculum, News Trust for Teachers (how to teach students to recognize good journalism),, and several other resources. There are interactive lessons, tutorials, and teacher guides to help students become critical thinkers and problem solvers. It is worth a look.


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