It’s as Easy as Pie!

In the years that I’ve been associated with DEN, I’ve heard and read about these “things” called “webinars” offered by Discovery.  I had attended one “webinar”  presented at a workshop and the presenter was experiencing all kinds of problems. Not knowing what a webinar was, how to participate in one or how to deal with any problems that may occur, I never signed up for any of them. I made a “mental note” to self…stay away from webinars.  A couple of months ago I decided to step out of my box and signed up for my first “on my own” webinar.  If you have never done a webinar, I’m here to tell you it is as easy as 1, 2, 3 and no problems!

  • 1. Click and register
  • 2. You receive an e-mail with a link and you click to attend
  • 3. Make sure your speakers are on.

You can sit in the comfort of your own home and acquire more knowledge than you can imagine.  I love it.
Go to your DEN page and check out the schedule.  There are a variety of different topics from Scratch, Science, Storytelling, Health etc.  Don’t hesitate like I did.  I missed so many wonderful presentations but I can still find them in the archives.  Join a webinar today!  It’s as easy as PIE!
Don’t forget about the Global Education Conference It’s going on now through November 19th.  3 DEN Gurus are presenting.