Geocaching: “The Sport Where You Are The Search Engine”

Geocaching for Educators

In prepping for a geocaching event at SHS with DEN STAR Jennifer Brinson, I did my homework by checking DEN STARS who are known as the gurus of geocaching, Bridget Belardi, Chris Champion, and Kristin Hokanson. In the process, Champion shared with me the Creative Commons site that Hokanson and he created to house geocaching resource sharing. Kristin is DENs copyright guru, but that would be yet another post.

On this site you will find a wealth of resources, including Geocaching Grant Lesson Plans and tutorials, a page to add Collaborative Projects, Suggested Sample Caches, Resources (a new entry and a gold mine), and a Geocaching Glossary, so you can begin on the same page with veteran cachers sharing the same language. On the GeoReading page, you will find a great book to read and the Educacher blog, X marks the spot!. From this blog I found a great site, Educaching, that houses GPS Curricula. Designed to explore, interact, seek, and discover, this site provides resources and educational conference presentations. Follow the click to enter when you open this site to access and download.

Belardi on Geocaching + Resources

My first geocaching experience began with Bridget Belardi at the DENs First Annual National Institute. Even then, Bridget was years ahead of most of when it comes to geocaching; it’s her specialty. Definitely not mine, which is why I am attending Brinson’s geocaching event with the digital aces, but more about that in my next post. If you are interested in exploring Belardi’s resources, click here (and be sure to check out her sidebar).

I am looking forward to an exciting afternoon of geocaching with Brinson and our specially-trained Digital Aces. Could a Friday at school get any better.

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