Google Docs for the Classroom and Much More!

For many years now, I have been an avid user of as much Google as possible. Google Maps, Images, Gmail, Places, Docs…I think I’ve tried just about everything. I recently gave a presentation to my school staff about using Google Docs in the classroom, and I shared the following links with them:

Google for educators – An overview of how Google Docs can be used in the classroom

The Google Classroom – Site created by an educator showing the many uses of lots of Google products in the classroom.

GoogleFest 2010 – A prezi that shows visually some of the many uses of Google products, including Docs.

GoogleDoc Wikispaces  – Wikispaces created by another school for their staff to use. Includes a few videos on Google Docs and links to other resources.

Google Docs & Spreadsheets in the Classroom – PDF file with a few ideas and resources for using Google Docs.

31 Interesting Ways to Use Google Docs in the Classroom – A Google Presentation that you can save to your Google Docs and edit!

I thought that I knew just about everything there was to do with Google and the classroom, and then I found this post from, shared on Twitter by @web20classroom. Special thanks goes out to Steven for posting the link! The post shares great ideas for using Google in the classroom that I did not even know about…enjoy!

15 Little-Known Ways Google Can Help Teachers and Students


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  1. Robin Talkowski said:

    Thanks for posting these resources. I know Google offers so much more than I currently use. These resources will be a great help.

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