Bits and Pieces from NYSCATE

This past Saturday through tomorrow is the New York State Computers and Technology in Education conference. In keeping with the theme of “Sharing the Responsibility of Tomorrow”, I wanted to share with you some useful resources I learned about.

Check out these Wild Wacky Worthy Web 2.0 Tools at
Some of the tools you will  find  on this site are :

Flipping Out in the Elementary Classroom –  Although there is no link to this workshop’s resources or presentation, it did provide a list of ideas on how to use the flip cameras in elementary classrooms:
Students Explanations of Skills, School Tours, Field Trips, End of Year Montage, Expectations for the Next Grade Level, Student/Teacher Conferences, Meet Your Teacher, Book Reviews, Fluency in Reading, Science Experiments, Weather Observations, Whose Running for School Officers, Mini Lessons by Teachers, Poetry Readings, and many more.

Screencasting with Jing – I can’t wait to start using this again. I used it a number of years ago (which is what sparked my interest in hearing about it again). It’s FREE and it looks like an amazing tool for simple web captures. There were some great examples of student generated projects, which is always a plus to see. Mr. Zdrojewski really knows his stuff and knows Jing.

It was nice to see that our own Whitney Mihoulides had a sold out session. She presented on 50 Ways to Use DEstreaming. It never ceases to amaze me that each time I see this presentation, there is always something new! Clap, Clap, Clap!!!

This post was written by Tracy Standhart.


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