Dear DEN…

Dear Discovery Educator Network,

Recently I had my annual get-together with some close friends from college, most of whom are teachers. One of them is not only teaching her regular courses but is also an adjunct at her local community college. She bemoaned the fact that she had been asked to share her many resources online, resources that she had worked years to develop. She said, “I’m not doing that. No one else is going to get the materials I worked so hard on. I will put up the bare minimum.” As I started to say, “But that is what educators do today”, I realized that is what some educators do today. Maybe I am spoiled by you, DEN. Maybe not everyone is so willing to share. Maybe they haven’t discovered the power that such a sharing network gives to each educator who participates. Maybe they don’t realize that our best resource is – each other!

So, as we approach Thanksgiving, I want to say “Thank you” to the vast network of caring and sharing professionals, a network that has made a difference in my teaching and my learning, and a difference for my students as well. Not only do we have access to a cornucopia of amazing resources from Discovery, we have each other. (Spread the word.)

Yours truly,

A Loyal Fan

Thank you, NASA, for your famous Earth image
and Matt Smith for your hand


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  1. Susan Tompkins said:

    Awesome post Patti! I am a willing provider and recipient of educator materials ~ I tremble at the thought of where might I be had my DEN STARS and Managers not shared what they know and have learned from others. Thank you for giving me a reason to express my gratitude. Well said!

  2. Nancy Porter said:

    Thank you, Patti! I agree with you and Susan. I’ve been so enriched by the DEN!

  3. RJ Stangherlin said:

    I keep coming back to this post and continue to love it more and more. From the graphic to the message, just love it. Beautifully expressed.

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