Wicked Easy Websites from Wikispaces to Weebly

I guess you could say that I am a procrastinator, not because I want to avoid work, but more or less because I am a perfectionist! I avoid doing things simply because I wanted it to be perfect! Well, the end result, is that things simply do not get done! This brings me to why it took me 4 years to finally create my class website! My first website began with Wikispaces! Love Love Love wikispaces! I have created seperate Wiki’s for each Professional Development Workshop I have presented at! My favorite part of Wikispaces is when you have your account, once you join a wiki, it creates the library of your membership on the dashboard! This is old news of course! I needed something new though! So about a year ago, I was introduced to Weebly. Weebly is a great webbuilder site! Weebly is an online, free widget-based Web site creator. Much like many other web site creators, this site uses a widget style format. That means that is is super user friendly allowing you to simply drag and drop widgets, page elements, (images, text, or interactive content, etc.) onto a page and filling in the content. It is so easy and so quick that it is essentially makes web site building a cinch! My favorite components of this site is that you can create a blog page directly inside your website as opposed to creating a widget for the blog to appear! I no longer have to use third party widgets to view my blog! Check out Brockton’s Smart Start Summer Extended Day website! It allowed easy access for curriculum links and information for every grade level! Although all of our Summer Teachers had Discovery Accounts, this helped us to share information, other links and resources between our morning and afternoon staff.  I created this site and password protected it (I will unprotect for a week simply to allow you viewing rights) for our summer program. I am in the process of creating a few small business websites for my local gym, my father’s electrical company, and for a small start up company! Of course, I am currently taking my class wiki to the full functioning web site weebly as well…stay tuned for the link (remember the perfectionist issue)…Oh one more thing…The design of the webpage…I am sure you are all a little like me and want to change up the templates that they provide! It is possible! If there are preset colors or images on the template, you can simply click and alter the pictures to be your own! What is better than that! Start creating! Enjoy!

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