To increase student learning – where do leaders turn?

As school leaders we are responsible not just for today’s learning – we are also responsible for tomorrow’s. We don’t get to be comfortable with the status quo. Each and every student deserves productive, rich and fulfilling learning opportunities today and tomorrow.

Technology is a positive resource in our work! As school leaders we need to support and expand the educational uses of technology in our schools. There are many ways our schools can effectively use technology. We can: motivate learners, provide access to content, actively engage students in new and different ways, and students can demonstrate their learning to an authentic audience when we effectively use technology.

Part of our leadership mission should be to leverage technology to increase learning. Supporting staff members that are: innovating, showing higher achievement, and increasing motivation to put forth effort in part or wholly as a result of their commitment to technology should be our work.

Photo from grampymouse via flickr