When to Hold – When to Fold? Schools have to be willing to let go of practices that aren’t working.

Perhaps the crux of success or failure of American education is for leaders to know which practices to hold on to, which ones to discard and how to significantly improve execution of effective research-based practices, as times change. ~ J Eck, 1/27/10 MASA Conference

A lot of classroom, building and district wide practices aren’t working or at least could improve.  Today’s young people have tremendous potential.   Our kids are capable.  As leaders, we need to be willing to ask the tough questions (such as: Could we do better?) and/or bring up to the unpleasant topics (such as: Are we even going close to tapping the range of potential of our students?).

We need to be willing to “fold” on practices and procedures that yield the same low or negitive results year after year.   Our kids are worth it.

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Image by Aaron Jacobs via flickr