Everyone Has A Story

My story begins at the Day of Discovery my district hosted this week. I love Discovery and try to share my love that all Discovery has to offer with anyone that will take a minute to listen.

I also love participating in workshops, webinars and whatever the Discovery Education staff members to share. Why do I do this? Because no matter what the workshop or webinar is focused on, I always learn something and always get inspired to go back to my classroom and try out all the cool things that I learned.

This time of year is always tough. Thanksgiving break has come and gone and the kids are anxiously counting down the days until Christmas vacation. Trying to keep students on task and interested in what you are trying to teach can be challenging, this time of year it can be down right impossible.

My district’s curriculum requires our students to complete a Unit Performance Assessment at the end of each unit to demonstrate their understanding of the benchmarks covered.  I want my students to create artifacts that represent their learning – preferably using technology, but I want to try something other than PowerPoints and Keynotes. I’ve also wanted to use my flip cameras, but where do I begin and what will the end product look like?  And can I have my students work on a project during these last few weeks before Christmas vacation that will keep their attention and will be a good representation of what they have learned during this last unit?

This is where my story has a happy ending. The hero in my story is Jen Dorman and her fabulous session on digital story telling. I have wanted to know the best way to introduce digital storytelling to my students, know different ways my students can use digital storytelling to produce a final project and how to cite sources my students use in their projects. Lucky for us, Jen Dorman has a wiki that provides answers to all of this and MORE! If you haven’t had the opportunity to sit in a session with Jen, you need to. Her enthusiasm is amazing and the resources that she has collected and organized in her wiki is something that you’ll want to bookmark and visit when you need some inspiration. I could list all of the resources that Jen has carefully laid out on her wiki, but why don’t you check it out yourself – you won’t be disappointed. Go to http://jdorman.wikispaces.com/digitalstorytelling and create your own classroom story. I bet it will have a happy ending too.


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  2. jwheeler said:

    I must agree with you and your enthusiasm regarding Jen Dorman. I have taken a class she taught and found myself leaving with many great ideas to take back to my district to share with teachers and my students.

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