December Ed Tech News You Can Use

Edublog Awards

It’s that time again – time to vote for the 2010 Edublog Awards. The DEN was nominated for the following categories: Best Educational Use of a Virtual World and Best Educational Webinar Series. The link to vote for those two categories are listed below. While voting for the DEN, take time to vote for your favorites in the other categories. Regardless of whether the nominee is selected as the winner for each category, this is a great way to find out about new blogs and networks and revisit your old favorites!

Sending Large Files on the Internet

Have you ever needed to send a file to someone electronically and the file was too large to email? With the close of the semester or grading period nearing, large files that represent a culmination of the term’s assignments or projects may need to be sent via the Internet. Whether the file is a PowerPoint/Keynote presentation, spreadsheet, video or audio file, sending these files via email is problematic due to content filters and file size limits. There are several resources that you can use to send a file to someone via the Internet if emailing a very large file is not permissible.

One of the those services is Dropbox.  With Dropbox, you can upload files and access them via any computer that is connected to the Internet. If you are collaborating with others, you can share folders or individual files bypassing email filters or file size limits. It is free, quick and easy to use Dropbox. You can install the Dropbox app and easily move files into your online Dropbox without navigating to the Dropbox website by using their application. The free Dropbox is limited to 2GB of space and if you share Dropbox with others, you can get an additional 250MB of space. If you sign up with a .EDU email, each person that you refer to Dropbox will earn you an additional 500 MB of space instead of just the 250 MB.

There is an app for Dropbox! You can sync your files and access them anytime, anywhere via the internet on a computer, iTouch, iPhone, iPad, etc.

Author’s Note: If you are interested in signing up for Dropbox, I would greatly appreciate the extra space earned if you use my personal referral link although it isn’t necessary to use this link to begin using Dropbox:


DROPitTOme is a service that is used with a Dropbox account. DROPitTOme allows you to send files to your Dropbox via email. Once you connect the service to your Dropbox, you will receive a personalized email that allows you send attachments that are posted to your Dropbox. The service is easy to use and setup and most importantly, is also free to use!


Another resource to send large files is youSENDit. youSENDit  allows you to send up to 100GB per file and you do not have to sign up for an account to use youSENDit. After accessing their site, enter the email address for the recipient, attach the file and select a date up to two weeks indicating when you want the file to expire. You can pay for their premium service which allows you to send files larger than 100MB, change the expiration date, and change the way the files can be accessed or downloaded. youSENDit offers an email plugin that allows you to use the service directly from your email client making it even easier to send large files via the internet.


SendStuffNow is another web service that allows you to send large files and is very similar to youSENDit. The service is free but you can pay for more features with their premium service plans. As with Dropbox, there is an app for SendStuffNow. With SendStuffNow you can access your stored files via any mobile device making accessibility even more convenient.  Files can be sent with SendStuffNow with 256bit encryption protecting  You have up to 1GB of permanent storage on their server but you can pay for additional features and larger storage space. There is a 2GB file size limit and SendStuffNow has a tool to compress your files to reduce the file size to help keep files under 2GB. This is another service that helps you send large files over the Internet.

Google Docs

Google Docs is an alternative to sending files via email or the Internet. Now you can upload any type of file to Google Docs and share that file via email or by adding collaborators to the individual document. The user receives an email that a document has been shared with them giving their either view only or view and edit access. Google docs allows for some great collaboration features and can be used for much more than sending a large file to someone. Regardless, Google docs can be used to make sure someone has access to a file.