STARs Over Camden

Saturday was one of those mornings that you really wanted to stay in the flannels, but the Camden City Technology Department lured about 50 educators out with the bright lights emanating from STARs Tonya Wilson and Edward Ward.  Other STARs in Camden’s Discovery constellation were present also. Ed and Tonya presented upcoming and current tech available in the district.  Ed highlighted a variety of uses for the district’s  iPod Touches and iPads, while Tonya continued spreading the good news about Discovery Ed’s plethora of offerings.  Good news spreads fast and these shooting STARs applied wattage to bring some new STARs into the fold. Great work!



  1. Tonya Wilson, NJ DEN LC said:

    This was truly an enjoyable event. Besides the STARs that were out, there were many educators that expressed a strong interest in the DEN. The day was filled with innovative ideas and strategies for using media and new technology in the educational setting. Hats off to all participants!!

  2. Simon Contreraz said:

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