Can We Talk?

It is 9:09 am Wednesday morning.  I have been awake since 6:30 am.  So far today I have checked my work email, my hotmail and gmail accounts, voicemail, twitter, facebook, my elfster gift exchange with my PLN, and the headlines from  I spent a half hour in the car driving my nephew to school.  Once I arrived at work I greeted the seven people who also live in cube land with me.  I have done all that and yet I have not had any meaningful conversation with anyone today. 

While I enjoy the fact that technolgy has allowed me to access all of the stuff I mentioned above, it tends to isolate me from connecting with people in a signficant way.  What has happened to sitting down and talking with others about important issues?  And I don’t mean twitting, or blogging, or posting on a wall, or emailing, or texting about them via cyberspace.  I mean face to face, thoughtful conversation where ideas are exchanged, thoughts are shared, and a deeper understanding of an issue, and more importantly, a deeper understanding of another human being, happens.

I would urge all of us, and this includes me, to shut off our computer, iPad, Blackberry, iPhone, Droid, television, etc. and go share a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate with someone you haven’t really connected with in a while.  Let us rediscover what is really important on this journey we call life.  Happy holidays everyone.


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