Chrome OS – Great for Education

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Yesterday, Google debuted Chrome OS, their operating system for computers. Chrome OS is based on the Chrome browser. Your apps are available from the Chrome Web Store. There are already a lot of apps available. You will have the ability to work offline also.

What I like about Chrome OS is that this is a very lightweight system to use on devices, meaning that you should get more speed and power from less powerful devices, along with increased battery life. It also turns on instantly. No more waiting for a laptop to boot up. Also, since things are cloud-based and sync your account preferences automatically.

I already use cloud-based apps for 95% of my work during the day (most of which are Google products). Chrome browser, Evernote Web, Gmail, Google Calendar, Twitter, iGoogle, webmail for work, Google Docs, Blogger, Aviary, Google Sites and a web based attendance and grading system. I rarely need to use a desktop application anymore. This is also true for many of my colleagues and students. Since we are already so web-based, Chrome OS can work very well for education. Discovery Education is also web based, so we can still use our favorite DE apps and resources.

With the decreased hardware requirements and cloud-based services, I see Chrome OS as a great idea for education. No boot time, increased battery time, no need to worry about lost data if the hardware is damaged or lost, and the ability to do the things you need to do.

Chrome OS will be debuting on a variety of hardware in 2011.

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What do you think about Chrome OS?

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  2. Warrick said:

    I’m also hopeful that this will be a platform that will be great for education, but I have one reservation: bandwidth. Most schools I know about couldn’t cope with all that interactivity with the cloud happening all at once.

  3. David said:

    We have bandwidth issues at our school district, but I will say that Google Apps has been pretty light in comparison to other web apps like Animoto, xtraNormal, and YouTube or Discovery Education even.

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