Tundra, Polar Bears, Killer Whales … Oh My!

Don’t all of you just love working with teachers who are always willing to try new ways to engage their students? One of those teachers from my District is Shannon Findley, grade 4 teacher at the Riverdale Elementary School in Dedham, MA. Her students reflect her enthusiasm and passion for learning and sharing.  When I sent out the information about Lance’s live polar bear webinar taking place in the Tundra, Shannon jumped at the chance to share this experience with her students. Even though she had never done a live webcast, and it was going to take place during “Parents Come to School Day,” she went ahead with the plan.

What a success! Students and parents gave the experience a big “thumbs up.”  Parents were amazed at the Discovery Education resources available to their children. Mrs. Findley created a 3-2-1 worksheet for parents and students to complete during the webinar … 3 interesting words, 2 fun facts, 1 thing I would like to know.  A Wordle document was created using the “interesting words.”  The shared responses generated quite a bit of discussion that continued that evening at home  since Mrs. Findley gave students and parents two tasks for homework:  (1) Research the “1 thing you would like to know,” (2) How can they help as a family to lessen the impact of global warming?

Of course, students did have a few suggestions and questions:  

  • Please answer one question from a school in each state. They wanted to hear “Massachusetts” mentioned since they didn’t think Lance would get to mention their school, Riverdale.
  • Can Discovery run a contest so the whole class could get to go to the Tundra with Mr. Rougeux and touch a tranquilized polar bear?
  • Can they Skype Mr. Rougeux when he is in the Tundra with a polar bear?
  • Will the Killer Whales always be the top of the food chain now instead of polar bears?

Thank you, Discovery Education, for another incredible learning opportunity! By the way, the students think I am a rock star now because I know Lance Rougeux!


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  3. Robin Talkowski said:

    Thanks for sharing this. I am passing it along to teachers in my building. I know there was interest in the webinar, but no one actually participated. This could be great inspiration for others to just plunge in.

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