Does your gift list include FETC?

If you haven’t  registered for FETC yet, you may want to do so by December 17th.  If you do you will save $50.00 on your registration.  This year’s FETC  is going to have a strong DEN presence this year.  February 1st, Discovery will be hosting a Day of Discovery. This year’s Day of Discovery site is still in negotiation, but I promise you it is always exciting. Discovery will provide transportation from the convention center for all the participants. The Day of Discovery is always an awesome way to network and get great new technology ideas for your classroom. Sounds great, but you don’t want to miss this year’s key note? No worries! The Day of Discovery will end in time so that everyone can enjoy this year’s key note speaker, Reed Timmer, from the Discovery show, StormChasers.  If you haven’t done so already, put FETC on your wish list. FETC is a gift that all educators deserve and appreciate.


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