Schools Going Mobile, Trend Tracking and AUPs

Reposted from Elliot Soloway,
ISTE SIGML (Special Interest Group, Mobile Learning)

We told you so!! Mobile learning in the U.S. – at least – is at “the tipping point.” Based on surveying over 300,000 parents, teachers, and students, Project Tomorrow’s CEO, Julie Evans, has issued a report that documents the dramatic acceleration of the rate of adoption of mobile learning by school districts around the U.S. For the Cliff’s Notes version see eSchool News ; for the real thing see Evan’s report . THIS IS HOT!!

And, in going mobile – in using mobile devices – schools need to make their policies around the use of those devices clear for students, parents, and teachers. But where does a school start in writing up an Acceptable Use Policy? Now there is some help. The ECD at the University of San Diego has written up a short (2 pages) and a long (3 pages) version of an Acceptable Use Policy. Go there and copy it!

See also Ed Week journalist Ian Quillen’s views on the ECD resource at:


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