SLATE Wrap up

The SLATE conference wrapped up late last weekend.  I was planning on writing up a day 2 post to follow my day 1 reflection, but there wasn’t much to write about.  There was one time slot of sessions in the morning.  I split my time between two sessions – both on social networking.  One was put on by an attorney and the other by a principal.  I think both sessions were fine.  I walked away thinking that teacher use of social media and their involvement still comes down to a comfort level.  Some people are more willing to dive right in while others are still pretty hesitant.

After lunch, there were sessions sponsored by Apple.  One of Wisconsin’s DEN LC members, Rita Mortenson, presented.  She talked about a number of projects her students have done and she also talked about how she encourages her staff to learn how to use various web 2.0 tools.  I can’t wait to share some of things I learned in her session.

I felt sorry for the closing keynote speaker, Calvin Baker.  I’m sure he had a great message, but he delivered it to a room about half full.  There was a big snowstorm heading into Wisconsin Dells and many of the conference attendees, including myself, left early to avoid driving in the bad weather.

I think the overall conference was pretty good, especially for the first year.  I’d like to see more sessions offered next time around.  I’m sure they are going to take the feedback from the attendees and make it even better.  I’d like to go back next year, but I’m bringing my building principal – I already warned him.

Thanks again to Coni, Steve, Hall, and Scott for helping a couple of members of the Wisconsin DEN LC tag along.


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