Being aware, generous and supportive! This is not the ‘soft’ side of shared work – it is at the core of shared work!

Courage.  Encourage.  Two words, same origin.  Heart.

You gotta have heart.  Miles and miles and miles of it.  There’s no bravery or boldness without heart.  There’s no spirit of support without heart.  There’s no sacrifice or soul without heart.  Nothing great ever gets done without heart.  You gotta have heart.

And at the heart of leadership is caring.  Without caring. Leadership has no purpose.  And without showing others that you care and what you care about, other people won’t care about what you say or what you know.  As a relationship, leadership requires a connection between leaders and their constituents over matters, in the simplest sense, of the heart.  It is personal and it is interpersonal. ~ Encouraging the Heart by James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner, 2003 Page xi

Image by Denise Carbonell via flickr