Web 2.0 Wednesday: Toodledo

This time of year is a hectic one. If you’re like me then you are probably in crazy list and post-it mode. I make lists all the time and my desk has post-it notes all over it.
My Desk

Toodledo will help you curb that list and post-it clutter. Toodledo was shared by an instructor in a course that I was taking. Toodledo is a powerful note and list website. With Toodledo you can:

  • Organize tasks into folders, subtasks, hotlists and more
  • Collaborate with others
  • Import existing tasks from other programs
  • Customize to suit your needs

In addition you can go mobile with Toodledo. For just $3.99 you can download the iPhone or iPad app and take your tasks on the road.  Give Toodledo a try and here’s to a more organized season and new year.