Getting To Know The Staff That Work on Discovery Education Canada

Sandi Veltman

Tell me about your role at Discovery Communications?
I was just promoted to Account Services Manager for Canada and have been working for Discovery since May of 2007. I work in the Evanston, Illinois office and I handle all of the single school new and renewal DE subscriptions as well as global single school subscriptions.

What do you love about Discovery?
From the start I loved Discovery Education and what it is doing to transform education in the classrooms here and abroad.

What is your favorite part of your job?
Getting to know the school’s educators and walking them through the site- I enjoy their excitement as they learn how Discovery Education can assist them in their classrooms.

What do you like to do in your free time?
Spending time with my 10 year-old son, Bryan (definitely my favorite). I also love making jewelry creations, playing Scrabble, reading a good humorous book and playing with my son Bryan’s Chinese Dwarf hamsters Henry and Homer. 

Tell me more about your son Bryan.
Bryan and I championed his school to raise $525.00 for Haiti relief. In addition we   fundraised to get DE streaming in his classrooms this year.


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  1. Amy said:

    Fabulous work, Sandi! Congratulations on the promotions and keep up the good work spreading love, smiles, health, education and hope throughout the world!

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