New Tools for the Creative Mind

I was recently introduced to an exciting site called Tagxedo.  This site takes Wordle to a whole new level (http:// You can create word clouds in the shape or image of different items. There is a gallery with numerous examples such as famous people’s silhouettes, animals, states, and countries. When you begin to create your Tagxedo, you can click on the shape gallery and choose from one of the pre-designed images and input your text. It can offer your students and/or yourself a new way of displaying materials for presentations.

While this site is in Beta form at the present time, it is free.  You will need to have a download of Silverlight installed on your machine. The site offers many possibilities and is worth checking out!!

Another site that offers great creativity is Zooburst. With this site, you can create digital 3D pop up books. ( This site is also free; however, you do need to subscribe to it. It takes about 24 hours for your account to become active so you will need to factor in some planning time to use it.

Students can enter text and add their own pictures to create a one of a kind book. These books can be created using simply a web browser and Adobe Flash plug in. There are more than 10,000 free images to choose from as well as the ability to import your own pictures. You can also choose to make some items “Clickable” to give further information.

Hope you find these tools exciting! Wishing you all a Happy Holiday Season and Best Wishes for 2011!!!!

(submitted by Christine Cote)