Top 10 Lists of Top Tens for 2010

I just love the top 10 lists and who doesn’t? What a fun way to sum up the year.  You can’t avoid all of the articles, posts, t.v. spots highlighting end of the year top ten lists; best of 2010 couples, break ups, news stories, music videos and more.

Top 10 “What I have learned traveling through Canada as the DEN Account Manager”

  1. Better have a maple leaf somewhere on my person
  2. Boast that I live in Chicago; the cold and wind I endure adds to my street cred
  3. Canadians aren’t always clapping because I was so entertaining; everyone is just so nice
  4. Tim Hortons is not a movie star; everyone just talks about it all the time cause it is so yummy
  5. Don’t even think about leaving the rental car lot without four-wheel drive
  6. There is a difference between St. Johns and Saint John
  7. Loonies aren’t a reference to crazy people
  8. The largest Tomahawk is outside of Saskatoon
  9. When you are standing behind Guy Laflaur as you board a plane it’s a big deal
  10. Saying “eh” doesn’t fool anyone- people still figure out I’m an American trying to sound like I’m a Canadian


  1. Elaine MacKenzie said:

    Merry Christmas, Karen! It’s okay that you aren’t Canadian. We like you anyway and all the work you do;) You share some of the best resources/tips out there for educators. Besides, you’re kind of like an honorary Canadian:)

  2. Sarah Thompson said:

    haha! Love this! You got to stand near Lafleur!? That guy is a legend!! Proud to say that my colleagues and I showed you #8 🙂

  3. Kathy Cassidy said:

    One of the most important thing about Canadians is that we do not take ourselves seriously. This is a great indication that you are learning that!

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