The “Best Of” Time of Year

As evidenced by several posts in the DEN Blog Network this is the time of year for reflection on things past, and musing on things going forward.  INMHO nobody does this better than the multi-award winning educational blogger Larry Ferlazzo. Larry’s voluminous tweets and blog posts are always worth a read and follow, but there is no better time of year to check his work out than now, as he wraps up his year’s work in several “Best Of” posts. I confess that it really feels like cheating as he does all the heavy lifting and in late December I swoop in and cherry pick the fruits of his labor. So, thank you Larry for all that you do, and for folks who have not had a chance to check him out, here is a link to his post on Best Web 2.0 Applications for Education – 2010



  1. Larry Ferlazzo said:


    Thanks for the kind words! Feel free to swoop in and cherry pick — be my guest…


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