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LiveBinders was already a great tool when Dean Mantz wrote about Enhancing LiveBinders for accessing educational resources by grade level, managing uploaded files, and credits. Mantz is KS DEN LC Blog Chair and famous for running CIL back channels at whatever he attends, and he is a great innovator and sharer. He’s one of those people you just naturally learn from, so I explored LiveBinders, but then dropped it. Seemed complicated in a good but busy life.

Then our high school’s instructional coach, Jennifer Brinson used LiveBinders for her KTI Summit application as a digital portfolio of her work, and because I saw the app in action, developed step by step, I was hooked. Nothing beats an example, so Brinson supplied hers, and I’m happy to note that you can now embed your LiveBinders. Great new feature, part of the collaboration plus.

Then I was pleasantly surprised by Tina and Barbara’s email about collaboration features; what an awesome way to begin the new year. You can use LiveBinders for collaboration activities such as:

1. Student working on group projects – in your class or with a school across the country
2. Teachers collaborating on lesson plans
3. Teachers and students working in the same binder
4. Districts or schools collecting shared resources

Dawn Wall, Technology Coordinator from Kansas State University, was one of our early testers of the collaboration feature. Here is how she is using it:

“This collaboration functionality is really awesome. For example, we have created a private binder to share information regarding a complicated program transition. This allows us to have select staff update the binder in a timely manner while all interested parties have access to view the binder and have up-to-date information. I also think it has great potential for K-12 and post-secondary education project collaboration.”

Since you will want to explore the new functionality of LiveBinder’s Collaboration, you can explore their knowledge-sharing collaboration in this excellent LiveBinder tutorial.

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With this excellent overview, whether you are a teacher or a coach, you now have a jump start for the new year’s collaborative ventures.  And on that note, since I won’t be posting again until next year, I wish all our friends in the DEN family a happy (healthy and prosperous) New Year.

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  1. Dean Mantz said:

    Thanks for the kind comment! I am glad you have revisited this awesome Web 2.0 tool RJ. The ladies are fantastic to work with and are always open for feedback from educators. Please let me know if you have any questions about LiveBinders or how to integrate one into the classroom. Best wishes in 2011!

  2. IdenSwan said:

    Thank you for sharing this information.It was informative as usual. Actually I looked up it on wikipedia

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