Lunch & Learn Movie Making w/Jennifer Brinson

Lunch & Learn Movie Making Intro

Jennifer Brinson’s first Lunch & Learn session on geocaching was such a success, she created a series of Lunch & Learns on Movie Making. The idea is simple; give teachers a grab-and-go technology integration application that they can insert into their curricula no matter what they teach. To that end, Brinson’s planning always includes all disciplines applicability to curricula and SAS. Our first session was December 21, and the series continues each Tuesday through and including February 8, when we should be masters of movie making.

The Menu

One of the great things about Brinson, beyond her instructional coaching skills is–as anyone who knows her knows–her culinary skills. Even if she orders online from Wegman’s or the Giant, her desserts are legendary. And delicious. An incentive to learning. Got to love it. So, if you are a teacher looking to learn, or a coach looking for a ready-made lesson plan with handouts to go, take a look at the resources Brinson has once again shared with us. After the 2 Scribd documents, look below to a free movie making resource from our PA DEN LC Events Committee STAR.

Jennifer Brinson’s Movie Making for the Classroom Introduction

Jennifer Brinson’s Movie Making Workshops

For a free resource on movie making, check Richard Byrne‘s Making Videos on the Web: A Guide for Teachers, 28 pages and worth the read. You do not need to create a free account to read the document but you do if you want to download it.

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