PA Social Studies Teachers — Call to Action: Preserving the Greatest Generation

PA Call to Action: Preserving the Greatest Generation

With the new year upon us, thoughts turn to back to school. Are you looking for a meaningful project that can impact yourselves as educators or instructional coaches, or more importantly, your students. Instructional coaches Jennifer Brinson, PA DEN LC Events Commmittee, (Salisbury High School) and Jason Heiser (Selinsgrove School District) created a collaborative project with schools across Pennsylvania. From Brinson’s email to CFF coaches, here’s an overview of the project.

We came up with an idea to document the men and women of PA who served and supported the war effort during World War II. This is a cause near and dear to our hearts, but also an imperative as we are losing members of that generation everyday. We feel it would be incredibly worthwhile to capture their stories, in their words, in order to have a video tribute for our PA students to learn from and appreciate.

We are hoping to form a working relationship with local PBS stations throughout PA and gain their assistance in whatever ways they can support this effort. Our timeline is one that requires some initial planning this year (2010-2011) and the actual implementation and completion of the project/video next year (2011-2012).

Enjoy this video, created by Jennifer Brinson.

If you are interested in joining this worthwhile project, here’s your contact information.

          Jennifer Brinson          Jason Heiser
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