Put the Interactive in your IWB

Our district and a number of districts in our county have purchased a large number of Promethean and Smart interactive white boards in the past couple of years. For many of the teachers who had one installed in their room they are learning on the fly how to use the basic features on them. It is also up to them to figure out how to effectively integrate the IWB (Interactive White Board) with their lessons.

I am one of those teachers to have a board in their room. Last year was a Smart Board and this year it is a Promethean ActivBoard. I have been working to help out the other teachers in my building and in the area to make the best of their boards.

One of the ways that I make use of the Interactive feature of the board is to have the students take control of the board. Have them get up to it and use it, touch it, manipulate what is projected onto it.

And the beauty of this is that you are not constrained to the software and online content from the company that made your IWB. To start with if you have access to the games, interactive labs, and science simulations at Discovery ED. you have interactive content for your board. Recently, I have been searching for interactive content on-line than can work with any IWB. Listed are sites that either have interactive activities at the site or links to other sites.

Interactive Resources

Interactive Websites at Internet4Classrooms

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Interactive Math Projects using Flash


BBC’s Bitesize