Change is a journey, not a blueprint.

I think it is hard to disagree that the future of schools will be determined largely the action leadership of leveraging the best learning ideas, concepts, structures, techniques, opportunities, and/or technologies to accomplish more with less.

There is not likely to be some powerful ‘magic wand’ that gets waved and makes it so the ‘leveraging’ mentioned above just happens.  It is more likely that you and leaders around you will need to become engaged in the work of change. If Fullen and Miles are correct: Change is implemented locally!  It is a process or a journey not an event.  The challenges we will face are in part opportunities for our service and outcomes to improve.  For change to be successful it will need to be rooted and the product of shared effort.

As we look around at the current learning outcomes of schooling and the opportunities to potentially dramatically improve them – I think many people will agree that this is a time for ‘change leadership’.  Being willing to intentionally employ energy and effort to increase our abilities to lead in these times is imperative.

Fullen and Miles write that:

“Change is learning – loaded with uncertainty.

Change is a journey, not a blueprint.

Problems are our friends.

Change is resource-hungry.

Change requires the power to manage it.

Change is systemic.

All large-scale change is implemented locally.” (Fullan & Miles, Getting reform right: What works and what doesn’t – Phi Beta Kappan, 73, 745-752. 1992)

Image by love2dreamfish via flickr