First There Were Books

Years before you sat with a laptop on your lap, you probably sat cuddled on your parents lap listening to or reading a good book. Which books do you remember?  Which books have you shared with your own children or students?   Which books have influenced your thinking?  The answers to these questions point you toward your “Bookprint.”  Your bookprint are those books that have influenced who you are.  If you could choose only five books you have read, which five would you choose.

Scholastic has started a website, You Are What You Read,  for all of us to record the books that have influenced us, our bookprint.   “You Are What You Read is part of Scholastic’s global literacy campaign, Read Every Day. Lead a Better Life.”  They have separate sites for children and adults.  Log on to see what books have influenced many of our nation’s leaders, celebrities, thought leaders, authors, and other educators like you.  Then add your own “bookprint” to the community of readers.

(Modified from an earlier post on Robin Talkowski’s Blog Reading and Technology.)