Snow Day Reading

Well it is snowing outside. It has been for over 16 hours, very hard. While the rest of Connecticut is grabbing its shovels to start digging out, we in the northeast corner wait for the storm’s  the last bands of heavy snow to finish dumping and head up the Mass Pike.  Good luck my northern New England DEN buddies!  It is a major storm of historic proportions. We are out of school today and I am betting on tomorrow as well. The perfect day for snuggling down with a book.  For me that was a wonderful science related book – Packing for Mars: The Curious Science of Life in the Void by noted science author Mary Roach.

A delight for those of us who grew up with the Space Age, this book takes us down the path of the solving certain problems of long duration space flight. Roach uses humor, wit and a scientific mind to discuss the practicalities of secretion, excretion, ingestion, digestion and rejection of bodily functions in space. Couched in well researched, yet hilarious stories of NASA’s efforts to investigate and develop solutions over the years, the book is a page turning (or page wiping) hand over mouth chuckle fest. It is frank, adult approach so if if you are squeamish about discussions of how the body works, it may not be for you.  However, if you enjoy the occasional flatus joke, it is terribly funny take on a serious subject.  For me, this was the kind of book that had me looking through the notes and bibliography to absorb more details and information. Certainly worth a read, and a heck of a lot better than cranking up the snow blower!

We are now at 2 feet and counting as it continues to come down …


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