The Electric Company – Unlock the Power of Words

Note: The IDEAL site for Arizona’s educators hosts Verizon Thinkfinity in the Curriculum Resources menu.

Verizon Thinkfinity partners with The Electric Company® to connect with today’s kids, parents and educators.  The Electric Company is an Emmy® Award-winning multi-media literacy experience designed to bridge the literacy gap among 6-to-9-year old struggling readers.

Jump into The Electric Company’s videos, activities to do in the classroom and at home, lesson plans and interactive games that cover these curricular goals while entertaining and engaging the audience.  The Electric Company connects with children, parents, and educators alike through the use of the freshest pop culture: celebrities, current music, and comedy delivered by compelling characters in both live action and animation.  Its educational curriculum incorporates vocabulary words connected to topics and themes – from sports to music to outer space – that resonate with today’s kids. Learn more about the partnership or jump right into the collection.

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