One Minute Museum Series

Dive into works of art! The class would discover timeless works of art from the top art museums in the world.  The fun and zanny cartoon characters give a short lesson of the history of the artist or the context  of the work. The art spans many different eras and styles. Lots to choose from….

In the search box type: “one minute in a museum”

There are 58 short videos with animated characters talking about art. This is for grades 3-5 , but could appeal to most grade levels as a bell or focus activity for a start of a lesson.

The One Minute Series is available with a basic streaming subscription, with student log in accounts having access to these enriching videos. Showcase the enjoyment of learning about different artists and works of art in a new way.


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    Love your DEstreaming Tip. Just forwarded it to my district’s art teachers. Thanks. 🙂

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